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Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers   

JatroDiesel is an integrated engineering and manufacturing company in the chemical mass transfer processing industry specializing in the modular construction techniques for the chemical, petro-chemical, food & beverage, chemical, pulp & paper, fragrance, and renewable fuels markets.

Visit JatroDiesel at: www.jatrodiesel.solutions

JatroDiesel is headquartered in Miamisburg, OH. Their team of engineers has decades of experience and knowledge in process design, equipment design, process equipment manufacturing, system integration, plant design/modification, automation and turn-key project management. On a consultancy basis, JatroDiesel offers process consultancy, development and co-development of new technologies and case studies.

For more information on JatroDiesel's experience and competencies, please visit http://jatrodiesel.solutions/products/ad/off/off.html


Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers   

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